11 Ideas for Action

We all have to take action every single day of the year in order to make girls’ lives better. Whatever you’re doing, no matter when, you are creating change that makes girls voices heard!

“No act is too small; you may never know the full extent of your impact. Activism is contagious. While you may be one person, your voice and actions can touch others, whose voices and actions can touch still others, and so forth until we experience change. This is how activism works.” (Fight Like a Girl by Megan Seely)


  1. Girlcott! You can use your power as a consumer to force multi-national corporations to pay attention to you.
  2. Make magazines pay for their dirty deeds. If you’re peeved about negative portrayals of girls in magazines, say so!
  3. Wear it on your sleeve. Make a statement about your personal passions.
  4. Preach it, teach it. Reach out to other girls to share your knowledge and talents in a way that benefits all of us.
  5. Rule the school. Put yourself in a position of power.
  6. Make sure the playing field is even. Let everyone know the score for gender equity at your school.
  7. Flip the switch on sexist entertainment. Do something audacious: change the channel!
  8. There oughta be a law. At every stage, no matter the issue, contact your lawmakers to tell them what you want them to do!
  9. Read them the riot act. Get into the habit of sounding off by writing letters to the editors!
  10. Share your story, drop the shame. Every time you stand up for yourself and other girls, the ability that others have to disparage us gets even smaller.
  11. Be a link in the chain. Become part of a network of girls who are plugged into the world and watching out for girls in it.