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The Evolution of Rape: Change and continuity in Rape Culture overtime

Since the beginning of time, Rape Culture has existed to endorse rape as a normality and a part of society, often with disregard to the emotional and physiological effects that rape instills.  In the ancient and biblical eras, blame was primarily placed on victims of rape, who were accused of adultery.  This accusation is still […]

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Emotions: The Ultimate Female Superpower

“From the time that she was a little girl she was slowly but surely led to believe that her emotions where less important than her achievements, perhaps even antithetical to them”-Marianne Williamson Being a girl in the new millennium brings a baggage of different messages that are sometimes subtle but have great impact in the […]

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UNinspiring Messages

I am troubled by the tweets and Facebook posts I see about relationship advice. I can’t tell you how many times a day I scroll through “inspirational” photos with big block letters saying something like, “He broke my heart so many times, and I was over him, I promise. But then he smiled at me […]

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The Ridiculousness of Shaming Pregnant Women

As women hurtle into progression via more political, economic and social freedom, I find there are anchors along the way to stop or reverse our flight. One such anchor is the media’s unsolicited focus on pregnant women/new mothers and their bodies. I’m unsure of whether I merely have a weak memory, or if the hyper-attention […]

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Gender Presentation and Androgyny

Although I oftentimes use the label “woman of color” to describe myself, it isn’t exactly an accurate term. I use it because it’s useful; it describes the way others view me. It describes much of my experience. I was socialized as a girl, presented as a girl, and treated as a girl. I had never […]

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The Problem With Romance in Young Adult Novels

The other day, while browsing the National Novel Writing Month’s forums, I ran across a discussion about what people dislike about YA. The topic of romance (and, in particular, romantic sub-plots) crept up over and over again, until it spawned various other forum threads on the subject— one with the title of “Does Everyone Hate […]

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Good Girls and Good Education: Avoiding the “Bad Life” in Rwanda

“We have sex to stay in school, and we want to go to school so that we don’t have to have sex.” The following blog post comes with permission from Dr. Rebecca Calder who is a Senior Development Specialist with the UK organization Development Pathways. According to the website their “aim is to provide creative, […]

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Where Are the WOMEN In the Movies?

Movies have become increasingly male centered, meaning the lead characters seem to always be male while their supporting coactors seem to be female. This culture has been running in the motion pictures for quite some time, but only few have actually stood up against it. One movie that embodies this culture is Marvel’s series, Thor. […]

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Abortion-A Necessary Social Ill Towards Our Female Sisters?

Abortion has become a long and controversial topic for the females of todays society. Many consider this topic to be taboo, but in order to understand it and decipher its positive and negative consequences, we need to inform ourselves and others about it. That being said, many young women of today’s society are forced into […]

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Choosing Your Words Wisely

While completing an internship this past summer in New York City, I decided to spend my free time volunteering with Girls Inc. of New York City, which is an organization that promotes gender equality, involvement in one’s community, and success in academics. Seeing that it would take me about an hour to get from where […]

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