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The Importance of #heforshe

By Hannah Byl   In the weeks since Emma Watson’s HeForShe speech and the launch of the UN campaign of the same name, the internet has blown up with talk about the speech and topic. From how feminism is seen as a “bad word” to how feminism helps men too, there were many important issues […]

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Suey Park and Asian American Feminism

By: Maggie McMorrow   Suey Park is a 23 year old freelance writer and the woman behind #notyourasiansidekick, a hashtag that trended worldwide when it first came about in December 2013. Park’s intention with the tweet was to start a nationwide discussion about Asian American feminism. Park planned to start the discussion with only a few […]

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Bring Back Our Girls. Then What?

By Chika Nwaka A thought has lingered at the back of my mind since learning of the girls’ potential return on October 21st  – What’s next for them? Perhaps I am looking too far ahead but it saddens me that their return is truly only the beginning of solving what is a deep flaw in […]

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Girl to Girl

By: Ava McElhone Yates As someone who has never described herself as athletic, playing sports is relatively new to me. Growing up I tried some recreation leagues once or twice but I never stuck with anything and didn’t really have fun. Now I go to a school where I have sports as a requirement. The […]

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Urbana IL

“The concept that being a female should keep me from doing certain things in life has never really occurred to me. I’m sure I can attribute that to my own parents and how they demonstrated what being a successful adult is, not just a successful woman. So of course the realization that there is a […]

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Five Months Later.

BY: Diana AbouSaleh It’s been five months since extremist anti-Western group Boko Haram kidnapped roughly 275 Nigerian girls from their schools. I’m somewhat relieved to hear that they will be released soon, but that doesn’t mean that these atrocities will stop. This isn’t the first time this has happened nor will it be the last. […]

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An Analysis of #heforshe

By Maggie McMorrow   I, like many others in the world, recently watched, and was affected by Emma Watson’s speech to the UN on gender inequality and introducing the new campaign #heforshe. My initial reaction to the speech was one of positivity and appreciation for someone articulating some of the issues I have had with […]

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Stopping Trans* Violence is EVERYONE’s Responsibility

TRIGGER WARNING: discusses violence against trans* women and violence against people of color. In light of the rallies at Ferguson, i began to look up stories of minority brutality. There were several stories involving issues of violence against women of color – something that has been relatively untouched on, as the focus mostly lies on men […]

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Success and the Double Standard

I created this post as a response to my friend Olivia’s doubts on a New Yorker article she read. As a girl, I’m naturally inclined to read into criticisms that seem focused on superficial details of female artists. I find female writers are often simplified to meet a certain symbol, which often neglects to recognize […]

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Being Day Of The Girl

I’ve been to New York plenty of times, but I never would have thought that I’d be going there for an international meeting at the Turkish Consulate in the United Nations Plaza. In fact, the idea was so extraordinary for my thirteen–year-old self that I rushed to apply as fast as I could in fear […]

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