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Plus Sized. So What?

I spend a lot of time on social media, which means I see my fair share of links circulating the web. Mostly I get links to things like Kylie Jenner’s Before and After photos and 17 Amazing Foods You’ve Never Heard Of – but increasingly, links pop up related to ‘plus sized role models.’ At […]

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The Problem of Girl On Girl Hate.

As a girl (especially a high school girl), one thing we all seem to hear at one point or another is insults from other girls. They often are comments about our clothes, or bodies; telling us our skirts are too long or too short, we wear too much or too little makeup; etc., or about […]

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Laughing it Off: The Resilience of a Design for Happiness

I laughed out of the ridicule of the statement. I laughed out of the curiosity of the mentality. I laughed because I could, and I laughed because every woman should. When I heard the news of Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arınc’s comments this week, I laughed. Despite the sadness that grew in my heart […]

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Bringing Back Our Girls.

On April 14, Boko Haram kidnapped more than 200 girls from a school in Nigeria. Activists created the hashtag #bringbackourgirls to draw attention to the abduction, and it worked, at least for a while. Over four million tweets mentioned the hashtag, but the use of it has faded out, along with the search for the […]

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Elliot Rodgers: The (Forgotten) Angry Misogynist (With a Gun)

            About two months ago, a friend of mine linked me to a parody. It was a prototypical fedora-wearing Men’s Rights Activist-type entitled 22-year-old whining about how little success he had had with women. As a parody, I found it good – he put into unsettling words the tacit assumptions […]

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#strongerthan : Natalia Atwal

Malala Yousafzai a young women from a country close to our own. However the ideals of this country are far from our own. Swat Valley a place that over the years has fallen to the ruling of a notorious Islamist militant group. The ideals and foundation of this group hinder the growth of women and […]

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#strongerthan : Katie Key

In my opinion, Malala Day is already a huge success. The fact that there are already change makers, inequality fighters, and terrorist survivors is enough to celebrate Malala Day every day. However, none of it would have been as influential and powerful if it wasn’t for Malala Yousafzai. She may be three years younger than […]

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#strongerthan : Ginger Mayo

On this day, I thank Malala Yousafzai for reminding me that there are no excuses. There are no excuses for young girls not to receive adequate educations. There are no excuses for women to be shamed into covering their bodies against their will. There are no excuses for young girls being too scared to walk […]

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A few months ago the dj mix #selfie made its way into mainstream media and completely engulfed the minds of young adolescents. It played in every radio station and was hummed in the mouths of all the young people that were attracted to it. However, along being produced by the famous Chainsmokers and containing extremely […]

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Recognition in STEM

When you think of famous scientists, mathematicians, and engineers, how many women do you think of?  Not a lot, right? It’s kind of obvious how women are majorly underrepresented in STEM fields today. In fact, women only make up a quarter of the STEM workforce, although about 60% of college graduates are girls. The number […]

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