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Miley Cyrus and the Word “Slut”

By: Maggie McMorrow Say the name “Miley Cyrus” to just about anyone today and they will most likely have some sort of strong reaction, whether it be good or bad. Over the past couple years, Miley Cyrus has managed to completely change her image and become a very polarizing figure in the process. She has […]

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The Garden of My Son

BY: Bella Baxter   I once had a baby growing deep inside me, floating in my galaxy of organs and liquids. A little human, beating out the tune of the universe with its tiny heart. I am reasonably sure it was a boy. A son. He would be seven now. My son never took a […]

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Your Problematic Fave

By: Jenna A Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” has put her at the top of basically every music chart, everywhere. Her catchy lyrics and bubblegum 50s-esque melodies are quickly making her a household name. And while, the thought of a female artist achieving major success somewhat excites, the prospect of Meghan gaining a widespread […]

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To the Boy I thought I Loved

By: Eva McFarlane Dear Boy, I love you. At least I think I do. For almost a year, I have looked to you as a source of comfort and fulfillment. I’ve found our countless hours of cuddling and watching movies together as some of the most carefree moments of my life. As you know, I […]

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Bring them BACK.

By: Rachel Auslander On April 14, 2014, 270 girls were kidnapped from their school in Nigeria by Boko Haram terrorists. It has been one year since this tragic event, and 230 girls are still missing. This year, April 14 will be a day to protest for action to end violence in schools, and increase the […]

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The Number of Lovers I have Had.

By: Bella Baxter Everyone I meet has a sexual history. Sometimes it’s devastatingly boring, and other times it makes me wonder what I was doing with myself while they were having orgies on a yacht off the coast of Cape Town. Not that I would have wanted to be there because I am a germophobe, […]

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Lets talk about those BIG, intellectual, activism words.

By Leah Weigel Hetero-normativity. Intersectionality. Marginalization. Gender non-binary. Those are some complex, but very common words found in todays feminist movement. I consider myself a progressive thinker as well as a passionate activist of many global issues, but honestly, I still get confused by some of these terms. It occurred to me that if I […]

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The Importance of Female Relationships

By: Maggie McMorrow A topic that I think is rarely discussed is the importance of having positive female relationships. I know the cliche is girls with “daddy issues” are messed up, but what about “mom issues?” If you have “daddy issues” you are supposed to not be able to trust or fully commit yourself to […]

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An Empire To Stay

BY: Zarin Hamid Lee Daniels’s latest hit, the tv show Empire, breaks down social barriers in several ways. I was not too sure how this tv show would turn out, but I decided to take the risk and spend some time watching the pilot. Instantly, I was hooked on the tv show, which showcases stigmas […]

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Self-Love in the Summer

By: Jenna A Alas, the season of unmerciful shorts and cropped tops is upon us. And with it descends the inevitable body hate from both within ourselves and from others. There’s only one thing society hates more than Justin Bieber— self love. Often mistaken for conceit, it’s mocked and condemned. Humility— or self-flagellation— is a […]

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