Get a Proclamation for Day of the Girl

You can help grow the Day of the Girl by seeking an official proclamation from elected and appointed officials in your city, county, and state. This kind of formal announcement helps raise awareness and earn support from a broader group of people.  It is a fairly easy process and here are the steps you can take to make this happen.

First, look at our sample proclamations to get an idea of how to create your own.

»Find out about the proclamation process in your local city or county government and in your state. Some officials can issue proclamations at the request of citizens, while other areas may require official recognition from the legislature.

  • Call your mayor’s office and ask about the process for requesting a proclamation.
  • Check the website of your state government to find out about statewide proclamations.
  • Search the site for “proclamation” or look for a list of resident services.
  • Be sure to look for all the information you’ll need—time frame (2 weeks, 1 month process, etc.), should you draft the proclamation or provide information for them to write it, is there an option for a proclamation presentation ceremony, etc.

»Gather the facts about girls’ issues in your city or state, so you can relate your proclamation to girls living in the same geographical area. It will be helpful to mention the national and international campaigns for Day of the Girl, but most communities are more eager to support issues that directly affect them.

»Write a draft proclamation that is concise and persuasive. Get the input of several people so your final copy can be as crisp and compelling as possible.

Write a cover letter explaining your request for a proclamation. Be sure to include the date of any local or national events that may influence when the proclamation is issued, up to and including October 11. Make sure to include your contact information, a mailing address, email, and phone number.

»Submit your proclamation materials by mail, email, or hand delivery, depending on the process outlined by your government. Make sure you’ve left enough time for the office to receive, review, and respond to your request. If you haven’t heard from the office in 10-14 days, call or email to follow up on the status of your proclamation.

»Once you receive your proclamation, write a news release, article, or letter to the editor of the local newspaper explaining the content of the official document and how readers can help support the Day of the Girl.

»Follow up with the government office to thank your mayor or governor and their staff for supporting the Day of the Girl.